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It is the best-selling pistol in the world with a very famous model, AE50. The handgun is now offered with a milled steel slide and realistic weight and heft.

When it comes to AR15s, nothing compares to the legendary original desert eagle. The legendary pistol that started it all remains an evergreen in the industry. And the forging of this one, true, original is still taken to this day. It  is the most powerful pistol. It is the latest development and the pistol is used by the US military.

Desert Eagle 50AE

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It is also the most powerful semiautomatic pistol in the world. Desert Eagle has a 50 caliber round that fires 0.50-inch bullets. We have both the standard (.50 cal) and the magnum (.50 caliber) versions in stock..50 AE Desert Eagle takes the .50 caliber, gives it a new look, and builds on its reputation as a top-notch, combat-grade weapon. We offer a wide selection of rifles that vary in color, barrel length, and caliber. Our inventory is always growing
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